Watercolor and Multi-media Artist – Taylor Sterenberg

Name: Taylor Sterenberg

Year: Junior

Major: Creative advertising

Minor: Graphic design

VIM position: Co-social media director

Socials: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr

Art is in Taylor Sterenberg’s background. She took AP Art while in high school, and has created plenty of line and pen drawings. Her mom designs jewelry, and her grandparents were talented drawers and painters. When she’s not spending the weekend hanging out with her friends, she heads to her hometown of Grand Rapids to paint with her grandma in her art studio of a basement. You could say they are each other’s muse.

Her true direction in art started about a year ago when she felt like her line and pen drawings needed a pop of color. Now, she is a watercolor and multi-media artist who creates abstract oil and watercolor paintings.

“We tend to lose the idea of creating with our hands,” Sterenberg commented on our discussion of our current technological world. “Sometimes it is nice to just create something that’s not digitally perfect.”

On her Instagram and Tumblr accounts, you can find images of her abstract oil and watercolor paintings. Showcasing her art on social media accounts has led her to a few customers. What makes her oil paintings unique is that the paint is applied to canvases with palette knives. This technique creates a 3D “live” image. Her watercolor creations aren’t exact—they are “suggestions.” Sterenberg doesn’t use watercolor paper, surprisingly. Using multi-media paper as her watercolor medium is her little secret.

Sterenberg is a creative advertising major and graphic design minor. Juggling school and a hobby can seem difficult to some but not to Sterenberg. On her downtime, she is sketching her next watercolor creation. She even tries to incorporate her art into her school projects whenever she can.

She had her first art show in January at Grand River Barber Company. Sterenberg said that was her first time talking about her art with others. She enjoyed hearing initial thoughts from different people about her paintings. Her goal is to do more art shows for more exposure. Maybe one day her hobby could turn into something more.

“My AP Art teacher in high school always told me ‘don’t be afraid to paint big,’” Sterenberg said. “I want to challenge myself on a wider scale in the future.”

Check out her colorful social media presence, and look out for bigger creations by Taylor Grace.

Michala White

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