Second-Hand Online Shopping

We’ve all had this happen before: you look at the people sitting next to you and wonder how they can afford to buy that something-fancy brand’s clothing. You then head over to the website to check the items out but quickly decide to close the tab because of the overwhelming price. As college students, does it mean that we don’t have the chance to wear our dream clothes? Is it true that affordable could never equal fashionable? Worry not, here at VIM, we have found out a solution for you.

thredUP an online thrift store launched in 2009, gives a whole new aspect of second-hand shopping. The founder of thredUP figured that most people throw away their clothes, even if they are in a good condition. He came up with the idea of purchasing and reselling second-hand clothing online. This idea brought thredUP to life. The company provides a site for both selling and buying, which means, you can be spending and making money at the same time! Here is how you make some room and earn money for your new clothes.


thredUP provides a wide range of clothing, from premium and designer brands, to women and kids. Just like any other online store, you can easily pick a category and start shopping. Have certain brands in mind? Simply type in the brand’s name in the search bar, and everything they have will show up. So yes, no more envy! You can be chic and thrifty at the same time.


Sell also known as “clean out” at thredUP. Easily order a free Clean Out kit online, and you can start pulling out those haven’t-been-worn outfits from the bottom of your closet. The values of the clothes that are sent to thredUP will be based on the quality and quantity. The payout will be either cash points on thredUP, donating to the cause partners, cash out with PayPal or a thredUP Visa Prepaid Card.

Environmental Sustainability

You are also helping the environmental sustainability by reducing your extra clothes production waste! Next time, whether you are looking for clothes that wouldn’t hurt your bank account or having the urge of giving your closet a fresh look, check out thredUP. It’s the answer for the affordable, fashionable but yet sustainable.

P.s. Don’t forget to use the 40% code for your first purchase!

Rachel Yu

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