New Balenciaga or New Balance?

While the new Balenciaga Triple S may be confused for New Balances, the dad sneaker has taken over the sneaker world. There have been so many sneaker trends over the years. But the rise of the  chunky dad sneaker over the last couple months has created a lot of the hype for the Balenciaga Triple S.

These shoes have been mocked by comparing them to off brand dad shoes. Many people believe that sneakers are unimportant and that you can buy generic brands of shoes for cheaper prices and spend your money elsewhere. The $800 Balenciaga sneaker is desired by many but still receives mixed reviews.

The chunky sneaker has been debated over multiple social media platforms from Snapchat stories on BuzzFeed and Complex to polls on Twitter. These sneakers are either loved or hated. It definitely takes a certain personal style to be able to rock these. When most people think about purchasing shoes they think about what clothes they can wear with those sneakers. You don’t want to buy a high designer sneaker if you can’t create outfits around them. That’s why the Balenciaga Triple S is a sneaker is hard for many people to pull off. Over the past years we have seen slim and flashy shoes, but the trend of the dad sneaker has stolen the show with the Balenciaga Triple S since the beginning of summer.

Yet that’s not the only dad sneaker that has been released to us. Many companies have followed in that path and created some other options for the public. A recent release and one that has been awaited and coveted by many is the new Yeezy Waverunner 700. This shoe falls into the dad sneaker trend that we have seen many companies try and produce and Kanye West himself has done just that.

As many people know these shoes are very limited and exclusive to certain areas and websites, so Zara has created their own dad sneaker for $40. If you can’t afford the Balenciaga Triple S or can’t get your hands on the Yeezy Waverunners, the Zara dad sneaker is an option for you. There are many ways for anyone to jump on the chunky dad sneaker train. Go out to Goodwill and look for that beloved off brand dad shoe, or even just reach into your own dad’s closet.

Society has created a “chunkier the better” sneaker trend at the moment with no exception even to the Skechers brand. Whether you love or if you hate it, this trend has made an impact globally and runs the sneaker world. Join the dad sneaker trend now, or forever hold your peace.

Christian Ostrowski

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