My Lip Gloss Is Cool, My Lip Gloss Be Poppin’

With the emergence of Kylie’s makeup line and Colourpop cosmetics, the matte lip has taken over the makeup industry the past couple of years. We all know and love the feeling of having a strong, bold lip. But, there’s a new trend coming back to town, and this one is more refreshing than ever. Hailing from its peak in the ‘90s, lip gloss is making a comeback in its many glorious forms. It’s shiny for sure, and it can also be sparkly, metallic, translucent or pigmented.

Going to class or somewhere casual? Swipe on some clear or lightly-tinted gloss and go.

Going out on the town tonight? You can put on some pigmented gloss to add some color to your lips.

Lip gloss doesn’t have to be worn strictly on the lips, as glossy eyelids give you a dewy glow. It’s an easy process, too, as you can dab the gloss over some pigmented eyeshadow or wear the gloss alone on your lids.

Create any fun or glamorous look as you wish!

Alisha Ungkuldee

Photos by Amulya Jain

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