Juice Cleanses – Are They Really Worth the Hype?

Dieting fads have been looked at for ages as men and women seem to search for the perfect weight loss solution. The ideas of cleanses and diets have been attempted — some successful, most not. Why is it though that people continuously attempt these dieting practices, despite their lack of consistency? The solution is simple. They are quick and easy ways to losing weight. Recently, juice cleanses have been predominantly leading the pack in dieting. What is it about these fruit and vegetable packed drinks that appeal so much to people? One of our VIM Lifestyle team members, Kendyl Keyes, tried the Pressed Juicery 3-Day Cleanse to figure out the answer.

Day 1

“Waking up, I was anxious to start this ‘juice only’ cleanse for the next three days. It was insisted that the first juice was drank right upon awakening, so I began with a green juice that tasted like, well, what it looked like: veggies. It was not the most pleasant taste (truthfully pretty bitter), but I downed it pretty quick, and preceded to prep for the day. Since classes were back-to-back-to-back, it was necessary to bring the next three juices along with me, since I had to consume one every two to three hours. Two hours past and I drank the next juice which was much sweeter and more fruit-based. Unfortunately, it went down quick as well and did not leave much to satisfy my taste buds.”

“By mid-day, I had consumed four of my six total juices. The last two included a much sweeter and tasty green juice (which featured more fruit), and then a repeat of my first green juice of the day. To my surprise, I was not overly hungry at this point; though, of course, a burger would have been greatly appreciated. The next four hours went relatively quickly as I drank another of the sweet green juices, and then finally ended the night with a thicker, protein juice which was absolutely delicious. The entire day was worth it just because of this drink. Though my hunger was low and exhaustion was high,it lead me to an 8:00 p.m. bedtime.”

Day 2

“The next morning, I woke up feeling much more energized than the day before. I was ready to conquer the day. No classes today made it much easier to appropriately time when the juices were consumed. Like the day before, the beginning green juice was bitter, the second better and the third, the best. Since I had more of a flexible schedule today, I decided to try and get some exercise. At the gym I did some running on the treadmill for about 30 minutes, and then did some abs and light weights. Getting back to my dorm that night, I wasn’t feeling the greatest. I showered, did some homework, drank the final juice of the day and went to bed early again.”

Day 3

“This wake-up hit me like a bus. Greeted by a headache, I had a lethargic character for the remainder of the day. No workout was going to be completed, instead, I would partake in only studying and rest. There were various times throughout the day where cheating the cleanse was considered, but I had gotten so far, it couldn’t be done. I rallied through the day and went to bed around 8:00 p.m. once again, looking forward to getting back to a normal lifestyle the following day.”

After the Cleanse

“Now that the cleanse was finally over, it was time to evaluate it. I began with my own personal feelings. Energy was definitely there, and I really wasn’t overly starved. The headache was no longer there, and honestly, I felt pretty-well rested. Next, I examined the physical effects. After stepping on the scale, it read a loss of a whopping nine pounds. That was slightly unbelievable; though, I was not complaining. Weakness was definitely not felt either as I was ready to get in a good workout.”

So, Juice Cleanse Efficiency – Fact or Fiction?

“The juice cleanse ultimately did its job, as I felt re-energized and had also dropped weight along the way. Another benefit I found was it was a solid starting place into getting into good eating habits. Since the cleanse, I have been eating nutritious meals and healthy snacks in-between, while also working out and getting rest.”

Joining the healthy lifestyle pattern is up to you, but the cleanse definitely is a good place to begin.

Kendyl Keyes

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