How to Accessorize Your Outfit

Oscar de la Renta once declared,“A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories.” Although fashion forward trends appear every season, it is the profound ability for one to define a sense of style through unique personalities and inspirations that makes fashion so special. Like Mr. de la Renta asserted, one maintains no identity without diverse style, and with the help from accessories, style can transform from average to undeniably you. Accessories are also the oldest trick in the book for the days when efforts to make yourself presentable have reached an all-time low. Life gets busy sometimes and putting yourself together in the morning is not always on the top of our to-do list. However, like your favorite meal, adding some sugar or spice to an outfit is a quick and easy way to create the perfect look without even trying. We are here to show you a variety of looks to style with accessory inspirations.


It’s that time of year, Spartans! We are about a month away from either escaping this winter weather or having a staycation. You can easily prepare for either a tropical vacation or spring season with extravagant earrings, fun sunglasses and espadrilles. Spring is about bringing back fun colors after a long, dreadful, colorless winter. Adding some sweet accessories like vibrant sunnies or chunky jewelry reminds us how fun fashion can be. If you’re reaching for something trendy this spring season, be on the look for mule sandals. We love these mule espadrilles from Target because they combine two trends into one, for such a great deal!

Tassel Earrings   

Mirror Aviators

Mule Espadrilles   


Get your French-Girl vibes on by recreating this sophisticated look. If this attire is not particularly your style, don’t sweat it! Again, style is what you make of it, so taking a few pieces from this look can be recreated with other accessories you adore. For example, this neck scarf can be paired with a white t-shirt, light washed jeans and some black Vans, making for a great outfit without much effort.


Neck Scarf  

Cat Eye Sunglasses



Don’t let your bad hair day stop you from strutting the streets. Swap out your tired pony tail for this stylish Newsboy hat and match it with some hoop earrings. This outfit is perfect for a day full of errands and activities because it’s comfy and casual. It is always beneficial for college students to have backpacks that double as purses because it makes running from class to after-school errands so much easier. To top this outfit off, we layered some gold necklaces for more intricate details. You can find a variety of necklace sets on Etsy to compliment your style.  

Newsboy Hat

Gold Hoop Earrings


Evana Caruso

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