Workout Wonder Women

Instagram is full of inspirational women of fitness, but where to begin in finding the gals who inspire you? VIM is here to assist your search for the “Workout Wonder Women” who can help you begin your fitness journey.


Ortal (@workout_unicorn)

“Be fit. Be You. Be a Unicorn.” That is Ortal Livyatan’s mantra and, if we’re being honest, how does that not catch your interest? Livyatan is a Certified Lifestyle Coach & CPT; her main goal being, for clients to embrace their bodies and help them make healthier decisions for their minds and bodies.

VIM Q: Favorite brand of workout leggings?

Ortal: “I’ve recently fallen in love with 90 Degrees high-waisted leggings. They look exactly like Lululemon and only cost $20. My second favorite is gymshark (their high-waisted leggings are life) If I’m looking to splurge, definitely Lululemon.”


Meghan (

At 23, Meghan has already had an amazing fitness journey. Her posts span from personal transformation photos to recipes and workouts to new adventures. Again, this Live-Life-to-the-Fullest Lady is only 23. Yet, she is already starting to make her mark in the workout world through her positive outlook through fitness.

VIM Q: Favorite Post-Workout Snack?

Meghan: “Right now my favourite post workout snack is a veggie-packed smoothie. The ingredient list is pretty random and is usually just based on what’s in the freezer, but I always make sure to have a ton of veggies, healthy fats and a source of protein.”


Sandie (@thefitnessfootfiend)

This Workout Wonder Woman started with Kayla Itsines’s BBG and her love for fitness has continued to grow. Fairly recently, Sandie has shown just how amazing the female body is through her adventure into motherhood. Sandie sets an example of having no excuses for not working. We would meal plan with her any day.

VIM Q: Who inspires you?

Sandie: “Other mums and women who are also trying to juggle a busy lifestyle and who keep it real.”


Nikki (

We only wish our food prepping was as elegant looking as Nikki’s. Seriously, Nikki’s Instagram is chock full of nutrition tips, meal planning ideas, covering the topics of good carbs, exercises; the list goes on and on. It’s all about fueling your body in order to get your best workout in; it’s all about “just getting fit.”

VIM Q: Favorite Workout and Cheat Meal…or normal meals, if you think cheat meals are overrated?

Nikki: “Chest workouts or conditioning workouts (examples #justgetfitconditioning) and Thai food or anything my Mom makes.”


Kayla (@kayla_itsines)

If you have not seen an ad or video about her fitness creation, the Bikini Body Guide (BBG), it’s time you heard. With over 7 million followers, Kayla has truly inspired countless of ladies to become their own Workout Wonder Woman. Her guides are a perfect way to start your fitness journey and with such a ginormous BBG community, you’ll never run out of inspiration. Check out her website

VIM Q: Workout tips/words of inspiration?

Kayla: “Take a progress photo and use that for your OWN motivation; set yourself realistic goals, write these down and set a realistic time frame; and team up with a workout buddy.”  


Jessamyn (@mynameisjessamyn)

Photo taken by @yogicphotos.

This vinyasa flowing lady is proving to everyone that the term “being fit” covers a wide span of beautiful bodies. She is a strong body positivity advocate, which reflects in her classes. Her goal is for her yogis to think about their bodies for themselves and not for other people. Our question is, would Jessamyn be willing to come to the Mitten to teach?

VIM Q: Who inspires you?

Jessamyn: “People who pursue their goals in the face of adversity.”

Claudia Caceres

*VIM Magazine has received permission to use these photos.*

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