Update Your Closet with Curtsy

We’ve all faced the classic “I have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear” struggle. That outfit we bought two weeks ago that we drooled over now hangs in our closet, collecting dust, until it’s acceptable to whip it back out when everyone’s forgotten about it.

Okay maybe that’s just me…but we know we all have those pieces in our closet we haven’t touched for weeks or months just waiting to be worn. We always struggle to part with my clothes, even though we won’t wear half of my closet anytime soon. We always wonder if i’ll ever miss that little black dress or that romper we wore on our 20th birthday.  

You’ve tried selling items you’re ready to part with, on apps like Poshmark but you’ve learned selling back is difficult. You’ve also tried Plato’s, where you’ve learned you leave with maybe 10 percent of what you spent on your clothes. And if you’re a broke college student, you’re all about saving money and time.

So here’s why we’re excited to have found Curtsy. Curtsy is an app perfect for the MSU college student looking to rent and sell their closets.

What’s different about Curtsy? You’re sharing your closet with other MSU students around you, not Ann Smith in Southern California, who may or may not ship your item in time for your semi formal. For those who have a hard time parting with their clothes like me? This is even better. While our favorite little black dress sits in our closets, we can rent it out and make a profit until it’s time to put it to use one Saturday night. It’s also perfect for those who like to switch up their closet faster than they can keep up with their paychecks. You can search your size, style, event and date you’d like to rent on the app. You can rent whatever you want for about $15 rather than spending $50 on an outfit that will just sit in your closet.

We are eager to see the app pick up and see more people using it. Setting up a profile is quick and easy, and updating your closet can now be even easier.

Brooke Mullin

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