The Life Changing Five Minute Journal

What if a simple five minute task could change the way you perceived life and how you viewed your day-to-day tasks? The “Five Minute Journal” is one of the simplest things you can do everyday, to start your day happy and to become aware of your life at that current moment. Based on psychology research, the “Five Minute Journal” has changed people’s perceptions, ways of thinking, outlooks on life and how they go about doing even the most uncomplicated of tasks. Professionals describe it as the secret weapon to helping us focus on the good in our lives, allowing us to become more mindful and live with care and intention. By practicing mindful thinking, you’ll not only learn how to start and end each day with gratitude, but you’ll also become more aware of the positive side effects that come along with it, such as increased happiness, stronger relationships and a more optimistic outlook on life.

The “Five Minute Journal” will last you a span of nine months, having individuals record every single day what you experience; have and help you express gratitude; focus on your goals, relationships, friendships and daily actions. The beginning of the journal will take you step-by-step for each part you will fill complete in a day’s time in the journal. You begin your mornings by expressing what you’re grateful for, what would make your days great, your daily affirmations and end your night by reflecting on three of the most amazing things of your day and what could’ve made your day better. Just by reflecting and expecting these small tasks really makes a difference day-by-day that leads to month and year long changes.

VIM’s Lifestyle Director, Zoey Bergoff, did a personal review of both the “Five Minute Journal” product and realized a true difference in time as short as a month.

“By having to commit myself to complete my morning journal it holds me accountable in the morning, for my day and also helps start my mornings easier. The first thing I do in the morning is sit up and complete my morning journal entry which gets me excited and ready for my day. It gives me a realistic idea of what my day will consist of and what I want to focus on and get done for the day.”

Throughout the day, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of our responsibilities, however, taking a few minutes out of every day to care for yourself is an essential part of self-confidence and self-productivity as well. The “Five Minute journal” entries not only kept us on track, but they outlined aspects of our days where we didn’t quite meet our preset expectations. By becoming aware of the areas of our lives where we sometimes fall short, it aided us on how to be better the next time around.

“Overall, I noticed the positive effect that the “Five Minute Journal” placed on my life and days even in the first few weeks which excites me for continuing this minuscule task and seeing how much I grow with it.”

Having a visual, physical place to put your goals, productivity, reflections and showing your gratitude is a way to reinforce and manage our thoughts in an unconventional way; something very rare in a society where it’s so easy to get caught up in the emotionless routine of daily life and technology.

Many social influencers, successful CEOs and individuals like us have begun to take on the “Five Minute Journal” challenge and see how it affects their life personally. With it being such an inexpensive investment that goes a long way in our lives is worth every penny. The “Five Minute Journal” helps you see the good in your life even when it can be easy to get down on ourselves with our busy schedules. Beginning and ending every day with a positive outlook will begin to change your own perception on life without you even noticing.

Zoey Berghoff

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