The Best Shoes for Workouts and Street Style

As we know, sneakers have become one of the biggest trends in 2017. They’ve become a statement piece whether you’re traveling, working out, shopping or walking to class. Nike, Reebok, Adidas, New Balance and so many other brands have taken over the shoe world and given our feet a break from the blisters and aching. We all know we’re trying to look cute while wearing our pristine, sparkling new sneakers at the gym or on our walk to class. But some of us don’t know the benefits or risks our feet are going through. Specific shoes may look good in the gym but cause awful pain in the future. Here’s a little more detail about which shoes you should be wearing depending where you’re going.

Nike Roshe
We’ve seen the Nike Roshe trend boom with workout wear, tracksuits and a cute pair of boyfriend jeans. Although, we don’t all know the consequences we’re going to have when we spend a quick gym session in these stylish kicks. These shoes provide only fashion satisfaction. There’s no support, benefit or advantage by wearing these during your run. With the little support they offer and awkward slanted platform, these shoes don’t align with our foot structure and could cause a sprained ankle or further pain. We suggest these strictly for game day or a casual outfit at brunch.

Adidas Classic Baseline
This shoe is a statement shoe almost every girl owns, trashes at tailgates and wears to class all year round. This shoe has come back from the 90’s and has taken over every girl’s, blogger’s and model’s wardrobe. This shoe is one that will be perfect for brunch, a walk around the city, tailgating and traveling. With its complete flat bottom, it provides comfort to most as long as their foot arch doesn’t disagree with it. This shoe should never enter the gym if you plan on running or doing any highly active workouts. However, this shoe is okay if you’re lifting weights, such as squatting or doing leg presses. Due to the flat bottom, it can help you have a good stance, proper fit and having no soles in your shoes is the best. For the sake of possibility of injury due to improper shoe usage, we would suggest you keep these as your everyday shoe.

Nike Free Run Flyknit
This shoe is meant for the gym. Your daily workouts will be comfortable and stylish with these Nike tennis shoes. The flyknit version is a new and improved version of the Nike Free Run from a few years ago. With the flyknit material it provides comfort to your fit as if it was a sock. With long-lasting material that won’t rip, stretch out or fall apart, this shoe is a workout shoe you’ll have for a while. This sneaker can accompany cardio workouts, high intensity training and circuit training. Lifting can be done as well but there are better shoes purely for lifting workouts. These shoes are also nice for long walks across campus and traveling. They’re also very light, making them fit almost anywhere and always provide comfort.

Adidas Nmd and Boosts
This shoe has been blown up by bloggers, Instagram models and people who are able to afford the price tag as long as they can get their hands on a pair. Being the trendiest and most stylish tennis shoe that can be worn in the gym and on the streets, these are a hot shoe to own. There are many colors and designs for both men and women. This shoe isn’t bad for the sole of your foot, although it may not have the ankle or foot support you may need to run a 5k. However, it still is comfortable enough to do most cardio and circuit training. This is also an easy shoe to go to lunch in the city to right from the gym. These shoes are on almost everyone’s must-need list and are a statement piece that can be worn daily.


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