Take a Vacation in Your Room

We’re over halfway through the semester, and classes are doing anything but slowing down. With more work comes more tests, more stress and obviously less relaxation and sleep. Using these five tips, you can escape your overwhelming class load and get into a vacation state of mind. All it takes is 15 minutes to refresh your brain so you can return to your work without ever needing to leave your room!

1. Set a timer on your phone.

Reward yourself by studying for one hour and then taking a 15 minute break! This will help  break up the monotony of reading so many words and  ultimately help your brain digest some of the information you’re trying to learn.



2. Take a trip to another country.

Grab your laptop and pick a location, anywhere in the world, and google the local music scene  in the area. Then open another tab and go to YouTube. Type in “Walking Tour of_______” and insert your city. There are tons of videos of people just walking around in other cities. Listen to the music and hear the sounds of the streets in a faraway place where homework isn’t the only thing on your mind.

3. Don’t let the cold weather get you down.

Pretend you’re on a ski trip and are taking some time to warm up inside of the ski lodge. Pull up a video of a fireplace on YouTube, drink some hot chocolate, throw on your favorite winter beanie and say goodbye to the cold weather blues.

4. Have a dance party!

Set the scene. You’re about to dance until you can’t dance anymore like you’re at your favorite music festival. Invite some friends over and have a quick dance party, shouting the lyrics to your favorite songs over the speaker. .


5. Take a nap on the beach.

Set another timer and let yourself take a quick power nap. Turn on some relaxing ocean waves and let the water drift you to sleep. Think of the calm sounds and relaxing breezes. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed in no time.



Emily Bankes

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