New Music Series: September Songs

Welcome back to New Music Series! Today, Shelby Hull will be giving us the inside scoop on songs of September you should be adding to your fall music collection.

Even though we’ll miss the sunshine and pool days, fall means heading back to school, tailgates, cozy clothes and in this case, new music. This summer, one of our VIM Members was able to see so many rad artists, and she can’t wait to share them with you. Whether you’re looking for a bop to add to your pre-game playlist or something to plug into on your way to class, we’ve got it all. Here are our September music recommendations and some exciting tour dates for you to enjoy!

Albin Lee Meldau

This man’s voice is captivating. It’s breathtaking, beautiful and speaks to our souls. He reminds us of Bon Iver or Hozier. Either way, it’s a compliment. Albin comes from Gothenburg, Sweden where his mom was a Swedish Jazz singer and his dad a British punk rocker. It’s no surprise that he grew up to be such an amazing musical talent himself. You may have caught him at Bonnaroo Music + Arts Festival in July. There he performed his hit song “Lou Lou” that has over 23 million Spotify streams, which also made its way to #1 on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart in five countries. His art resonates with a lot of people, and you can feel the emotion he puts into his work. It makes sense why he’s so successful! “Bloodshot,” his most recent EP, made its way onto my rainy day Spotify playlist. The video matches the passion poured into the song.


Sleek, artistic, moody and talented as hell. We recently saw her perform at the Majestic Theatre in downtown Detroit. The venue is small and intimate, but she filled the entire stage with her presence. She danced to every song, feeling every word, beat and every note. You could tell she meant every word she sang. Most artists that we see live have us leave with the feeling that we got what was expected. We were especially blown away by how down to earth and authentic BANKS was. Our top three favorite Banks songs have to be “Warm Water,” “Beggin For Thread,” and her feature on Chet Faker’s “1998.” Her latest release is “Crowded Places.”

Jade Bird

She’s a repeat offender when it comes to our music recs. She’s just that good. We’re still listening to her EP “Something American.” Which is perfect because she just released a live video of her performing the song “Cathedral.” It’s raw, simple and beautiful.

Atlas Genius

Since we love Indie rock bands like Bad Suns, St. Lucia and Smallpools, we’ve always been a fan of Atlas Genius. We love their songs “Trojans” and “Stockholm,” but they’ve been on the DL for a few years now. They’ve recently released their single “63 Days” which was a perfect way to come back. Just in time for their tour where you can find them October 9th at the Shelter in Detroit.

Vic Mensa

Everyone remembers his song “U Mad” being played at high school homecoming and prom, but he dropped some new music. As much as we enjoy the original Vic Mensa style from “U Mad” and his feature on Chance The Rapper’s “Acid Rap,” his new album “The Autobiography” may be better. The idea behind the album was to not only tell his story He takes this milestone album to dig his heels into the political ground as well. Vic Mensa wanted to create something progressive that reflected the activist in him. He recently used his celebrity platform to take part in Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Over all, the album leaves nothing up for interpretation while still containing some super good tracks. Our favorites are “Wings” featuring Pharrell Williams and Saul Williams, “Homewrecker featuring Weezer and “OMG” featuring Pusha T.


She never ceases to leave us slayed with her eerie, mellow tone and the set of lungs on her tiny ethereal body. This girl’s only 20, and has two albums and a world tour under her belt. Most of us at 20 have two years of college and a spring break trip to Cancun under our belts. Maybe we can’t relate to her jet-setting, glamorous, Grammy winning lifestyle, but we can relate to the lyrics behind her new album. Lorde is a powerhouse and an icon, so when she recently dropped “Melodrama” the world may have collectively forgot to breathe for a few seconds. Our favorites that made it onto our Spotify playlists are “Homemade Dynamite,” “Green Light (because we feel the girl power when we hear it), and “Sober.” In reality it’s all pure (heroine) gold.


One of our VIM members recently went to the BANKs concert, and Nydge was the opener. He’s a local Detroit artist and he got an email at 2 a.m. the night before the concert asking if he would come open for her at the Maj–crazy. His sound is electronic pop and makes all of his own beats. Super high energy and crazy talent. One of our VIM members tagged him in a few Instagram stories from the show and he replied the next day saying thanks for coming out and sharing his stuff. Just a quality guy making quality beats. We love love love “Circumstances”a different kind of breakup song, “Lemme Know” and “El Segundo”electro Despacito? If that’s wrong, then we don’t wanna be right.

Trinidad Cardona

This kid. Literally he’s just a kid at17 years old. Trinidad Cardona is a singer, songwriter and rapper from Phoenix, AZ taking on an ’80s & ’90s R&B and Reggae sound. He became a hit over night when his friend put a video of him on Twitter freestyling. The song called “Jennifer” was inspired by Amine’s song “Caroline.” The one played at every frat party, tailgate and pregame on every college campus. Trinidad’s song is more heartfelt and emotional but has an undeniable beat and soul to it. Keep an eye on him. Plus–his Instagram is goals.


He’s a 26-year-old singer, songwriter and musician. Snny comes from the African coastal nation of Ivory Coast and is now based in New York. Snny works with Glassnote Records to bring together pop, R&B, electronic and hip-hop sounds. His vibe screams Frank Ocean every time I hear his latest song “Arizona” from his upcoming EP “Learning To Swim.” According to an interview with REVOLT he says that his “creative process for this project was mirrored by its theme, in that it was a learning curve. ‘Young Boy’ happened when we finally let go of the reigns and just began to enjoy ourselves within the process.” We feel that on a deeper level in almost all areas of my life. Look out for “Learning To Swim” later in February.

Manchester Orchestra

These guys are good. All of their indie rock music gives such a warm and booming sounds. We want to say we get a mix of James Taylor and Mumford and Sons from them, but whatever it is, we like it. Currently loving “The Alien,” “The Gold,” and “The Maze.” These favorites found their way onto our everyday playlists that we listen to on our way to class and while getting ready. Nice ‘n easy listening. And super excited to share they’re on tour this year. Catch them on at the Fillmore in Detroit on September 27th– see you there!

Lil Yachty

Remember when “iSpy” was the jam for all tailgates and frat parties? The lyrics are engraved in us. Lil Yatchy recently dropped his album “Teenage Emotion” and started The Teenage Tour. His song “Forever Young” is our guilty pleasure. We listen to it when we’re getting ready to go out or on our way to concerts. One of our VIM members, Shelby Hull, also has some Lil Yatchy merch for you guys! Keep an eye on VIM’s socials as well as her personal socials for giveaway details!

Metro Boomin

No Complaints” is one of our latest bops, and it features the Champagnepapi- Drake, so it makes sense why it’s already one of his most popular songs. Bryson Tiller is going on tour, and Metro Boomin is opening for him! So ladies, prepare and buy you and all your girlfriends a ticket. We’ll most certainly see you there.

Playboi Carti

Playboi Carti was one of Kanye West’s models in Yeezy season 1 fashion show, and A$AP Rocky took him under his wing to show him the ropes of the music industry. He signed with Interscope Records, which led him to recently drop his debut self-titled mixtape, “Playboi Carti.” If you ever want to see a bunch of super trendy teens in a mosh pit, go to a Playboi Carti concert. I had such a good time because for once my dance moves I busted were just like everyone else’s, finally. “Magnoila” is for sure our jam.

Electric Guest

We love these guys. Their stage presence and authentic, upbeat sound is a recipe for a good vibe high. Lead singer Asa Taccone is charming, vocally diverse and can organically move to any song like no one I’ve ever seen. Their music is a mix of funk, soul, soft rock, disco and pop. Their album “Plural” is one of the few albums we have downloaded to our Spotify and will consistently listen to all the way through. Our favorites are “Oh Devil,” “Dear To Me,” “Bound To Lose” and “Back For Me.” Do yourself a favor and get on their bandwagon.

Shelby Hull

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