Actress Melissa Bolona Currently Filming Acts of Violence with Bruce Willis & Sophia Bush

Where in the world is busy model and actress Melissa Bolona? Currently, hard at work filming with Bruce Willis and Sophia Bush. Bolona is to be in the film Acts of Violence as Mia, a strong female character who will be appearing beside Willis.

The Connecticut-born actress made her first debut in The Saint and The Ten, a successful venture which was swiftly followed by a number of other roles including Bolona’s first role as the supporting female lead in In Stereo. The star continued to pick up roles with increasing momentum. While the actress appeared in multiple films in 2016, there are over six films that are due to air in 2017 featuring Melissa Bolona. Acts of Violence is just the newest addition to Bolona’s extensive resume.

The film is based on a screenplay by Nicholas Aaron Mazzanatto and is directed by Brett Donowho. Filming began in March and will likely continue throughout the spring, with a likely release date in 2017. The film has already drawn some internet hype for the team-up between Bruce Willis and Mike Epps.

Acts of Violence follows the story of Roman, to be played by Shawn Ashmore, whose fiancé, Mia, is kidnapped by human traffickers on the night of her bachelorette party. The group teams up with Avery, played by Bruce Willis, to combat the human traffickers, led by Mike Epps. Sophia Bush will appear as Detective Brooke Baker, who will likely be joining the group to rescue Mia. However, it seems like Mia will not be one to play victim.

While little information is currently available on the film, it will likely feature a lot of action and a bit of comedy. For more updates on Acts of Violence and for more movies featuring Bolona, you can visit Melissa Bolona’s IMDB.

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