Intern Diaries: Zoey Berghoff

Our VIM Directors snag amazing internships, and they want to share their experiences and tips with you! Meet Zoey Berghoff–our Assistant Lifestyle Director. Here are some of her tips and suggestions from her experience at both of her internships.

Name: Zoey Berghoff

Major/Minor: Advertising with a minor in sales leadership

Year: Junior

VIM Position: Lifestyle Assistant Director

Where You Interned: Magnetic and Buckle

Internship Title: Marketing intern at Magnetic and Sales and Management Intern at Buckle

Location of Internship: Ann Arbor (Magnetic) and Novi (Buckle)


What was a day at your internship like?

At Magnetic, I would be at a desk for the majority of the day completing PowerPoints, researching for future blog posts we’d be doing, aligning welcome packets, etc. to our brand that we will give to clients. I also attended meetings and completed any projects that needed to get done that day.

At Buckle, I would be on the sales floor for the majority of the day in a leadership position, meaning I could be the most skilled and equipped team member on the floor. In other terms, I’d be running the store. I spent my days helping team members fulfill every need for the guest, creating future business, recruiting, styling outfits, managing social media and any other events that occurred for the day.

What is the most important thing that you learned from your internship?

Overall at both internships I learned more about myself and what I want for my future than I thought possible. I learned to work hard for what I want and keep working hard because things will work out. I learned to enjoy everything that comes my way!

What is one thing that you would change about your internship if you could?

At Magnetic, I would ask to be given higher responsibilities, because I felt they could’ve used more of me, my skills and time if they wanted to. At Buckle, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

What was your favorite part about your internship?

My favorite part about Magnetic would be the knowledge I learned about marketing in terms of the terminology, process, real world marketing and working with clients. I learned more on my first day than I ever would’ve in a classroom.

My favorite part about Buckle was how much fun I had every single day. Buckle really values their environment and team members, and they truly make it more than just a job. No matter what I was doing, I had so much fun and looked forward to every day.

What advice do you have for people who want a similar internship?

Apply, apply, apply. I can’t say it enough. I went through countless interviews and applications, and you can never get discouraged. Branch out and let yourself be optimistic about what you might learn. I initially wasn’t sure if I wanted a Sales and Management internship and initially declined it. I couldn’t imagine where I’d be without that experience.

What tactics did you use while applying for your internship? (Follow up emails, making sure your social media profiles are good to go, etc.)

I made a professional LinkedIn account that is almost a replica of my resume with all my experience and links to previous work I’d done. I revamped my resume with the help of some friends who had re-done theirs as well. Also, make sure your social media is available on your LinkedIn or resume if it makes sense for your major. For example, a creative or photography major will definitely want to showcase their work. I also made my own website through WordPress with all the blogs, articles and samples of my work I’d done.

What outfit did you wear to your in-person interview (if you had one)?

Funny enough I actually wore the same outfit to both interviews with Magnetic and Buckle. I wore a simple black heel paired with an olive green long pencil skirt (stress on the word long), paired with a higher neck black button down blouse tucked in. My hair and makeup was also done. This look is simple but professional, and shows my taste of my own fashion sense.

Do you believe that your experience in VIM helped you score your internship?

Most definitely!! I owe everything to VIM. Even though I didn’t have a ton of experience being a sophomore applying for internships, I just went on and on about all the great things VIM offers. I brought the Fall and Spring Issue to the interview to show actual physical work that I’ve done and how great it turned out.

When did you start searching and applying for your internship?

I started in the Fall of 2016 for summer internships in 2017. I just kept applying throughout the fall, and had my Buckle interview in January along with being offered the job after a few interviews. Knowing my hours and schedule with Buckle, I then applied to Magnetic knowing I could maintain the hours for both.

What are some resume and LinkedIn tips that you have for others?

Look around at others and read what the terminology, design, efficiency and so much more that people are using. I took a lot of my job descriptions completely from the job add I’d found and added to some after reading others in the same field. Do your work and it’ll show!

What are your thoughts on sending thank you notes after your internship is done?

I did this for both internships, although it was a requirement for my class I was enrolled in. Both of my supervisors were very thankful and appreciative for this gesture. It also ends everything on a good note, allowing possibility for working together in the future.

Zoey Berghoff

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