Intern Diaries: Michala White

Our VIM Directors snag amazing internships, and they want to share their experiences and tips with you! Today, our Digital Director, Michala White, is here to tell us about her marketing internship at the Capital Region International Airport.

Name: Michala White 

Major/Minor: Professional Writing major and Public Relations minor

Year: Senior

VIM Position: Digital Director 

Where You Interned: Capital Region International Airport

Internship Title: Marketing Intern

Location of Internship: Lansing, Michigan


What was a day at your internship like?

I loved how every day was quite different at the airport. Some days we would sit in the office and do social media and community engagement planning, and other days we would go around the Lansing area to take pictures to use for social media and marketing content. Other days we would attend luncheons and meetings to learn more about outside partnerships with the airport.

What skills did you learn during your internship?

I handled the airport’s social media, so I was able to learn social media management skills using Hootsuite. I had to pay attention to posting times and the kind of content people wanted to see. I also continued to experiment with Adobe Creative Suite programs.

Do you believe that your experience in VIM helped you score your internship?

I DO! During my interview, I had to create a portfolio and do a marketing analysis of the company. In my portfolio, I included blog posts that I wrote for the VIM blog, and I think that they were impressed by them!

What outfit did you wear to your in-person interview (if you had one)?

I wore a white and black striped button-up dress shirt, a pair of dress pants and a nude pair of heels.

What advice do you have for getting rid of first day nerves?

I remember being so nervous for my first day. But then a few days passed and I got a lot more comfortable being there! I know that talking to yourself sounds weird, but I think if you just have a 1:1 with yourself to reassure yourself that you’ll be okay, then you can make it! Just try to make yourself as comfortable as you possible.

Do you have an extravagant moment that you experienced at your internship?

I actually was able to experience a runway show at the airport called Runway on the Runway. Capital Region International Airport teamed up with Lansing 5:01 and The Runway Lansing to host a runway show and a silent disco. I was able to be hands on with this event while helping to set it up, creating graphics and social media posts for it. I was also able to attend it as a guest. I had no idea that fashion and aviation could somehow go together, but this event turned out really well and I was happy to be involved in it!

What are your thoughts on sending thank you notes after your internship is done?

Thank you notes are a must! I wrote two of them for people that I worked closely with. I grew up having to write thank you notes after birthdays and Christmases, so I am used to the idea of saying thank you. Definitely get used to writing thank you notes! Thank you notes not only show how appreciative you were for your internship, but it is also a good way to present future follow-up opportunities.

Michala White

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