Intern Diaries: Allison Fargo

Our VIM Directors snag amazing internships, and they want to share their experiences and tips with you! Here is another Intern Diaries written by our Social Media Director, Allison Fargo!

Name: Allison Fargo

Company: War Child

Position: Social and Digital Media Intern

Location: I worked remotely because War Child is based in LA. What that really means is I got to work from my bed all summer!

How did you get your internship?

I saw a listing on Idealist (a site for non-profit jobs), and applied there. I had two phone interviews and had to draft some sample tweets as well.

What’s an average day as an intern?

I wrote tweets, created social graphics and pretty much did anything my boss needed help with. That included anything from doing donor research to writing newsletters. I was also responsible for the maintenance of all of our social media pages, so I spent a lot of time favoriting tweets and liking Instagram posts everyday.

What’s the most exciting part of your internship?

I really enjoyed having a big say in what I was doing. My boss, who is War Child’s Partnerships and Community Engagement Director, didn’t exclusively do social media or anything. She really trusted what I said and wanted to do with social. It was exciting to have that much influence!

What have you learned?

A big thing I learned is simply how to work for a major organization. One of my big projects this summer was to create a social strategy and an accompanying social guide, and as this was going to be presented to the whole War Child USA team, it had to look good and be totally cohesive. Another thing I learned is how to research people on the internet. For example, I had to research things such as potential donors to looking for companies to sponsor our ambassador, Zosia Mamet’s, trip to South Sudan. I spent a lot of time digging up crumbs of info from all corners of the web.

Allison Fargo

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