How to Start Your Post-Grad Job Search

It’s hard to believe that in just a few short months, our seniors will be graduating and moving onto the real world. It’s also hard not to believe that we shouldn’t be panicking right now. It happens to all of us. Even if panicking seems like the right thing to do, just remember that eventually, your dream career will fall into place. Now is the time to make the most out of every opportunity. We’re here to help you start your post-grad job search off right, so you’ll be able to start your career off with confidence.

Start With Your Network

You’ve probably met hundreds of people throughout your college career and have probably kept in contact with a few individuals. These individuals could be people you’ve met at career fairs, professors, bosses, mentors and colleagues, or anyone you’ve maintained professional contact with. Start your job search by re-connecting with these people.

Ask them out for coffee, and mention that you’re starting your post-grad job search and ask if they’ve heard of any opportunities that might suit you. If you’ve had a previous internship or you currently obtain an internship, set up a meeting with your boss to talk about the hard work you’ve put in, and whether there is any opportunity for advancement to a full-time position down the road. This doesn’t mean you should only be contacting people in your professional network when you need something. Be sure to maintain the professional relationship beyond asking for a job.

Attend Networking Events and Career Fairs

If you’ve already been to a career fair this year, you’re headed in the right direction! Career fairs can help you discover jobs with companies you may not have even known were applicable to you, as well as companies you didn’t know were even hiring. If employers see potential in you, you can sometimes. Although Career fairs can be overwhelming,  hectic and even sometimes discouraging, talking to employers is still great professional practice. Networking events are also a great way to talk to employers in a more casual setting.

One event coming up for students interested in pursuing careers within advertising and public relations industry in Detroit is Adcon. This is a great networking event to get essential face-to-face time with employers, with the possibility of even scoring an interview. Check your college’s website for events tailored to your major or Handshake for additional career fairs and networking events.

Visit Your College’s Career Office

So many students fail to utilize their college’s career offices as a job search source. Especially if you’re unsure about the types of jobs that are right for you, consider stopping by the career office. The office staff will meet with you to look over your resume, talk about internship and job opportunities and offer interviewing tips. They sometimes even have lists of open positions that recruiters are looking to fill.

Hit the Internet

The internet is a great resource for job hunting and also looking for the types of jobs that companies you want to work for offer. Check out Handshake for job listings and employers who are actively interviewing on campus. There are also several websites that tailor to specific industries like Ed2010 for jobs in editorial or journalism, or Free Fashion Internships for opportunities in fashion and design. LinkedIn is also a great resource and you can tailor your search by city, job type, salary or career interest. It never hurts to email a recruiter for a company that you’re interested in.  Express what type of job you’re looking for in your cover letter.

Your post-grad job search is the beginning of the rest of your career; don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone to begin becoming the best you.

Breanna Ratering

Featured photo by Monique Ross. 

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