Fly High for Less: Travel Tips

As the temperature slowly rises and the leaves turn green, we start looking forward to summer. Imagine two weeks from now (yes, we only have nine days left) when we are all school free, laying on the beach with a classy martini, having an adventure in Mississippi, or traveling anywhere that our hearts desire. However, if you are a typical, broke college student, we all know the struggle of finding cheap airline tickets. Here, we’ve rounded up some really useful and important travel tips.

1. Start as early as possible

Once you have decided on your date of departure, do not hesitate to start searching for tickets. Doing research is important, and the good deals go fast!

2. Fly from Toronto

Try departing from Toronto! It’s an unspoken fact. The result (and price) will probably surprise you.

3. Don’t forget the extra baggage fee

Oftentimes low-cost airlines don’t include the baggage fee. That’s why the price is low and attractive. Therefore, don’t forget to add the cost to your budget unless you are planning to fly light.

4. Check the one-way fares

Though round trip tends to have reasonable prices, there are some exceptions. Fares vary from different airlines, and the total cost of two one-way tickets may be cheaper than one round trip from the same airline.

5. Be flexible

Be flexible on travel dates, but also locations. Check nearby airports and different dates to find your dream deal.

6. Download the flight checker Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a site that helps you find the right flight. It provides the capacity to find flights all over the world, for any date.
Happy traveling!

Rachel Yu

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