DIY Cinema Lightbox

I’m sure you have seen the Cinema Lightbox trend all over your social feeds. We even used one as part of our content to kick off our first meeting of this year! Over the summer, our Digital Director, Michala White, had the opportunity to DIY this popular trend as part of her decor for her new apartment. Read below to learn how she took her own twist on this trend.


  • Lightbox – Michala found this lightbox at Salvation Army. She thinks it was used to view X-rays.
  • 16 ft. white paneling – Check your local home improvement store in the paneling section for this item.
  • A hot glue gun or super glue.
  • A tape measure.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Cinema lightbox letters.

Michala found it helpful to buy the letters first. That way you know exactly how far apart you want each piece of paneling to be from one another.

DIY Steps

  1. Measure out the right length of the paneling. With 16 feet of paneling, you should have enough to make 6 lines that are the same length.
  2. Lay the lightbox flat so that you can lay the paneling out evenly.

3. Use a letter to help you evenly measure out where each paneling should be placed.

4. Once you know where each piece of paneling should go, hot glue gun them down. You can use super glue if that will hold better.

Michala found it best to use hot glue first and then add super glue where it needed extra hold.

5. Let it dry. Make sure to let it dry flat so gravity can do its thing.

6. Add your favorite quote, and light that baby up!

Michala White

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