Beauty School: Protecting Your Hair From the Sun

Everyone’s always conscious about slathering on SPF every hour and using a good chapstick in the summer months, but has anyone ever worried about the sun’s rays damaging our hair? Even though hair doesn’t technically burn, the rays still makes hair dry, brittle and frizzy! The sun can even cause unwanted bleaching effects on colored or natural hair. Here are three ways to keep hair healthy and lock in moisture while relaxing in the sun.

1. Protect and Prevent
There are many easy ways to protect your hair from the sun. Protecting the hair’s cuticle is vital when being exposed to sunlight so opting for a sun protected spray is definitely a smart move! Not only do sun sprays give you protection from UV rays, they also can give you the perfect beachy waves. The goal is to make your hair less susceptible to heat damage while still giving you a textured, carefree and wavy feel.

2. Don’t neglect your scalp
Seriously! Don’t! A peeling scalp is anyone’s worst nightmare. Many people wear hats in the sun to not only shade their face but to protect their roots from getting sun damage. It’s really hard to stop your scalp from flaking after you’ve burned it because it’s very sensitive and needs to be protected. Try spritzing on a spray sunscreen with SPF 30+ along your part! Reapply after you’ve wet your hair. If you feel your scalp becoming too hot, opt for a hat or a messy beach bun to cover your part line.

3. Condition
Whether or not you’ve done all these tricks, your hair might still feel a little dry after a long beach day. Invest in a good conditioning mask to hydrate your hair and get it feeling silky again. After being in the sun’s heat, the hair’s cuticle is already opened so the hair mask will work wonders!


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