An Artist to Add to Your Lollapalooza Playlist This Year: K. Flay

Kristine Meredith Flaherty, or more famously known as K.Flay, is a top Billboard artist. However, she is signed with Interscope Records and produces what she would describe as “genre-defying” sounds. It’s a mix of lo-fi pop and hip hop alongside an indie tone to create what I would call, indescribable jams. K.Flay might sound familiar to you from her collaboration with Louis the Child on their song It’s Strange. I know that song is on at least two of my everyday playlists, as it’s one of my favorites. In 2014 she released her most popular album Life as a Dog and toured performing with other groups like AWOLNATION, Third Eye Blind and Dashboard Confessional. The artist just recently released her newest album called Every Where Is Some Where, which I think may just give Life as a Dog a run for its money.

This album gives me a mix of rebellious and sassy vibes and feelings of nostalgic summer nights. K.Flay’s voice has a bit more angst than you may be used to, and you can tell there was a story behind her lyrics. In a recent interview with Cuepoint, K.Flay describes the inspiration behind the new album.

“When I was little and my parents split up, my mom and I left home, white Suzuki packed full of suitcases and some boxes. I don’t remember the packing, but I do remember the leaving… Heavy air when we parked the car in a new driveway. My mom and I were both crying, for different reasons, but also some of the same ones. And then, as sure as the first hand clicks from 12 to 1, it all seemed insane and hilarious – the clothes we brought with us, the rain, my dad’s drinking, the stupid little stick shift SUV. ‘We’ll laugh about this someday’ my mom said.

Experience is subjective. We get to decide what’s devastating, what’s beautiful, and what we do next. In the books of our lives, we are both protagonist and narrator. And narrators have incredible power. In writing this album, I thought a lot about the places that shape us, and how, in turn, we shape those places in our minds.”

K.Flay chose to be brave instead of feeling silenced while making this album to say what she felt needed to be said. It showcases her beliefs that we should be kind to one another, set aside our differences and be good. She developed an anthem, if you will.

Here’s a breakdown of my top two favorite songs from Every Where Is Some Where:

Dreamers– This song makes me feel like flipping my hair and telling everyone “I told you so.” Not sure why I’d be saying it but it makes me feel that sassy/empowered. It’s the perfect slow song to sing along to in the car or with all your ladies.
Blood In The Cut– It’s the perfect song to help you get over the lame boy that you’re still hung up on. Just reminds you to suck it up because you’re actually too good for him and that you should use your energy for better things. What a testament to girl power, am I right ladies?
Slow March– Now if you don’t listen to or save any other songs from the album, you MUST download this one. The upbeat tune and catchy lyrics puts it at the top of your Lolla playlist that’ll be blasting all summer.

All in all, EWIS is a true testament to K.Flay’s celebration of freedom, self-empowerment and acceptance for our generation. This is going to be on repeat all summer for me. Download it now on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music. Or buy concert tickets here to catch K.Flay on tour. She’ll be performing at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Chicago on May 20 — the perfect way to kick off your summer.


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