3 Halloween Costumes That Won’t Spook Your Bank Account

Halloween is one of the best holidays for college students. We get to dress up however we want and get the chance to be someone different for a night. The only downside is costumes can cost a lot of money. That’s why we’re sharing with you three easy and affordable Halloween costumes — done mainly with makeup. You’ll look amazing and won’t break the bank.

deer makeup

1. Be a deer!

If you love highlighter and bronzer like we do, this look’s for you. Simple eyeliner and a killer contour will transform you into a doe-eyed dream. Grab some twigs from the yard for antlers, a brown skirt, a white crop top or bodysuit, and your Halloween costume is complete! Check out this tutorial from Lauren Kelp.


2. Mystical Mermaid

Your dream of channeling your inner mermaid has finally come true. Rummage through your closet for a pair of fishnets and use your favorite shimmering eye shadows to create this sultry look. A pair of colored metallic leggings and your favorite crop top will fulfill your mystical mermaid fantasy. Watch a tutorial by Ginger Wesson below:

3. Blushing Scarecrow

If you’re a blushing beauty, this scarecrow tutorial will help you pull off the perfect look. Time to dig through your closet and grab your flannels, because this look is all about comfort. Pair it with an old pair of overalls or some patched jeans and warm boots and you’ll be one chic scarecrow. Watch this tutorial below by Gwen Ledin:


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