10 Reasons to Join VIM

VIM Magazine is MSU’s student-run fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine. To put it simply, we are your source for style at State! Our first meeting of the 2017-2018 school year is WEDNESDAY at 8 p.m. in 108 Bessey Hall. If you are still on the fence about attending our first meeting or joining, then here are 10 reasons to join VIM!

1. Meet people with similar ambitions and interests

Find your niche here in college in an environment where you can make friends as well as connections for your career.

2. We’re one of the only colleges that produces a high quality fashion publication

Not to mention, we’re also one of the top 10 college fashion magazines. Not all universities offer opportunities for students to create an entire publication from ideation to completion. Having this tangible product to show to employers while still in college is something that will set you apart from other job candidates.

3. Networking opportunities

During some of our meetings, you can meet and interact with VIM alumni that have gone on to pursue careers with Vogue, Refinery29, Theory, Alison Brod PR and more! You will also have the opportunity to meet with industry professionals outside of VIM through networking trips.

4. Real life publishing experience

VIM is ran like a real magazine. Not even at an internship would you get to be this hands on in the creative process, hold this much responsibility and gain experience in return.

5. Add something cool to your resume/portfolio

Bringing in a copy of VIM to a job interview is a major game changer. Sharing digital and hard copies make sending it out to potential employers a breeze.

6. Interacting with professionals in the industry

Through networking events and Skype-ins, you’ll have opportunities to speak with professionals that have amazing careers. They have excelled in the industry and can give you direct advice.

7. Learn what aspect of “fashion” you like

There are so many areas in the fashion world that you could become involved in. With teams ranging from Creative Beauty to Finance, there is a home for all at VIM Magazine who have passion and drive.

8. Gives you a platform to experience and grow in fashion

With the opportunity to join a team that reflects the real fashion world, you are able to experiment within different areas of fashion, and learn what you are passionate about!

9. STARTING POINT to your career

True fact: so many people credit VIM as the catalyst of their career. VIM pushes your professional potential, and gives you the experience you need to go into an interview with confidence. Before entering the work world, you have the behind the scene knowledge of what makes up the industry. You have a tangible item to vouch for your experience level as well as making you a desirable candidate to future employers. VIM provides an introductory look into the fashion industry that drives students to expand their knowledge of the subject.

10. Attend fun launch parties/events

Just like any other student organization, we like to have fun! Our fall gala is a time to dress to the nines and celebrate our fall issue—The perfect excuse to get dressed up for a night and enjoy good food and music with your friends.

Seem like the perfect fit for VIM? Join us at our kickoff meeting on Wednesday, September 13 at 8PM in 108 Bessey Hall. We hope to see you there!

Hannah Bullion, Julia Le, Kara Dempsey & Kaitlin Kisel

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